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As per BITSSA’s website analytical data in late 2017, we found out that most of our customers used the platform on their mobile devices. Therefore, BITSSA launched its multi-cryptocurrency exchange application for Android and iOS users on August 1, 2018. Since then, there has been a 49.61% increase in the average session time and 12% overall cryptocurrency trades.

Although the drastic drop in Bitcoin prices after 2017 impacted the number of users indulging with BITSSA, the same was witnessed globally. Even after receiving a blow during that time, we were focused on improving our services to cater to our loyal customers. Through their constructive feedback over the years, our website, as well as mobile application, evolved.

Working on app’s stability, UI and security, BITSSA app aspires to deliver the best to its clients. After 3 significant updates from Version 1.0 to Version 1.3 since 2018, today BITSSA is proud to present the most convenient and secure platform to all the cryptocurrency traders – BITSSA Multi-cryptocurrency Exchange App developed by AlphaFortress LLC.

Following are some factors that set our multi-cryptocurrency application apart from the ones available in the market.

1. Security is the Supreme Factor… But There’s More!

BITSSA’s multi-cryptocurrency exchange is a guarantor of all the transactions. Apart from the fluctuation in the market, we ensure that your crypto investment returns a sheer profit. Our strict security protocol includes mandatory KYC submission for every user. To ensure that our community trades in a 100% secure platform, BITSSA provides Bitcoin and FIAT asset protection.

2. Information is the Key…

Keeping you updated with the latest trends in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Action Coin and Bitcoin cash, we ensure that we safeguard the interest of our partners, i.e. the investors, who get unadulterated information from credible sources. We are constantly exploring the wide horizons and depths of cryptocurrency by explaining all the technological, political, economic, and social advancements and all the factors that could impact your cryptocurrency investment in any way.

3. Instant Registration and Crypto Wallet

Without any hassle, users can log on to BITSSA. Once the account is verified, we provide a free BITSSA wallet to all the customers to store FIAT currencies and crypto-currencies. Although we are gradually expanding our community, BITSSA is currently focusing specifically on the Nigerian and Ghanaian diaspora.

In FIAT currencies, customers can deal with Naira (NGN) and Ghanaian Cedi (GHS).

WIthin the crypto-currencies, BITSSA allows users to instantly buy and sell bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Action Coin (ACTN) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

4. Cryptocurrency and FIAT Trades on BITSSA

The BITSSA market allows users to make the following trades:

  • Crypto-to-FIAT Exchanges:
    • BTC/NGN
    • BTC/GHS
    • ETH/NGN
    • ETH/GHS
  • Crypto-to-crypto Exchanges:
    • BTC/ETH
    • BTC/ACTN
    • ETH/BCH
    • ETH/ACTN
    • BCH/ACTN

5. Round the Clock Customer Support

The mobile application allows users to chat with a support agent in case of any query. This ensures that every question is answered in the best way possible without any working-time restraints. Although we have made the most convenient Bitcoin trading platform online, still, in case someone has any query, our customer support agents will be glad to help them out.

Be a part of BITSSA’s emerging community and get the best multi-cryptocurrency exchange services on your mobile device, tablet, and desktop.

Your support and feedback are important for us to improve ourselves and give you a service that does not compromise with security, convenience, and overall quality.

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