Should you Buy Cryptocurrency in 2019? Latest Trends

Do you believe that cryptocurrency is a good investment even after what happened in 2018? What is the future of cryptocurrency, if there is any? In mid of this uncertainty, should you buy cryptocurrency in 2019?

There is nothing 100% certain in any investment whatsoever, however, the final outcome surely depends on gathering extensive knowledge and conducting data and fact-driven analysis of the market that one is planning to deal with.

Although crypto-to-crypto exchange did not see much deflection, the price volatility in cryptocurrency, especially for fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchanges played a major role in defining the market. 2018, as opposed to 2017, ended with a heavy blow to the crypto investors and some of them even lost a huge chunk of capital during the former period. This undoubtedly discouraged hundreds, if not thousands, of potential investors but didn’t put an end to the crypto-fever.

Moreover, a few of the latest trends and interetsing announcements in the international crypto market have been extremely successful in drawing the attention of both, crypto investors as well as institutional investors.

Those Who are Here to Stay!

After taking a steep dive from $18,783.06 on December 17, 2017, to presently $3815, sceptical Bitcoin investors dispersed gradually from the market as even in 2019, its value had been crashing significantly. However, those who are still participating are the real crypto geeks and believers of this technology.

They are well-versed with the potential and evaluating the scope of evolution, this reduction in crypto-mania, as stated by the crypto-geniuses, could just be a step back before launching on a trampoline.

Exceptional VC investment

Despite the slowdown of cryptocurrency value, in 2018, the total venture capitalist investment till October 2018, from US, China, Singapore and South Korea, had already gone out of the roof with an astounding 280% increase from the previous year.

Passing on the Knowledge

The endless potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain is also getting support from educational institutions. MIT, Stanford, NYU, University of Malta and several major universities across the globe are offering courses while providing education and certification to the enrolled individuals through lectures (both online as well as offline), workshops, meet-ups and seminars.

Global Participation is on the Rise

Recently launched smartphone – Galaxy s10 – by South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung incorporated built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Similarly, with Apple, Walmart, Starbucks, Goldman Sachs getting into the crypto-market, light for the blockchain, along with cryptocurrency is far from diminishing.

Several countries are introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency in public payments. To name a few, Canada, China, UAE, Singapore, UK and the land of immigrants – the United States of America – all are embracing the potential of this futuristic technology in their own manner. 

We can estimate the outflow of blockchain creators and innovators to the countries that will support crypto-friendly policies just like Australia that has lifted off all the taxes from trades and transactions in cryptocurrency.

Although the fluctuation in crypto-market had a huge impact on everyone in 2017, it is on its way to becoming a mainstream technology and the research and development in this sector has introduced unlimited possibilities for the present as well as future generations. All being said and done, I hope that this blog explains how investing in cryptocurrency is worth it. Now the question for you, the reader, is – will you buy cryptocurrency in 2019 or not?

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